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Jennifer Hudson Clive Davis Amp Leona Lewis Gear Up For Pre Grammy Party

We also talked with the legendary Clive Davi and Grammy-nominated Leona Lewis on the big bash. Hudson, who has kept a low profile since the tragic shooting death of his mother, brother and nephew last October, shared a hug with Davis after his trial. Hudson performance will mark his second great performance as her family tragedy - the first is its powerful special of The Star-Spangled Banner before last Sunday game Super Bowl. And there was a brave Jennifer Hudson took the stage at Beverly Hilton l hotel in Los Angeles Thursday to try for her performance in Clive Davi Pre-Grammy Gala this weekend.
6.5.09 11:29


Quot American Idol Quot Quot Ryan Seacrest Confronts Bikini Girl

If there were any doubt, Ryan Seacrest clarified his KIIS morning show Thursday that he not only that Bikini Girl. If ve lived in a cave and have not heard of Bikini Girl, we must remember: She the Chino Hills 20-year-old model wore a bikini for her American Idol audition, landing the support of judges and Simon Cowell And Randy Jackson causing the consternation of Paula Abdul And Kara DioGuardiShe also stated that he had a mad crush on Seacrest and forced him to kiss her, even though it was clear that didn t want.
6.5.09 11:29

Pueblo Manager For Mccain Campaign Arrested On Molestation Charges

His second arrest with charges of sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust in a week for Claude Jeffrey Bartleson, 52, who has faced similar accusations at least five times since 1982 without being convicted of a crime, according to the Pueblo Chieftains Nick Bonham. Sarah Palin, the Howard Pankratz Denver Post reported Thursday afternoon. Police have arrested the former director of Sen. Pueblo John McCain presidential campaign office Wednesday, the accused had sexually assaulted a 5-year-old boy left in his care, so children can attend the mother of a rally for McCains running mate, Alaska Gov..
6.5.09 11:29

Joaquin Phoenix Ditches Acting And Takes Up Rapping Of Course

As it turns out, has a backup career in the works ... Joaquin Phoenix - of Gladiator and Walk the Line fame - has long talked of retirement to act. As a rapper. L also includes a recent photo of Phoenix with dark glasses and a small forest of undisciplined face, making him look like a slimmer version of Rick Rubin.. The London Times reported this week that Phoenix has already yielded some results.
6.5.09 11:29

Justin Timberlake Worker Killed On Timberlake Quot Golf Course

A construction worker was killed on a golf course owned by the pop star JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE after a 100 feet (30.48 meters), tree fell on top of him.Cruz Ayala Delgado died at Big Creek Golf Club, Timberlake Hometown of Millington, Tennessee on Saturday (07Feb09), police have confirmed. A spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff Office says the accident occurred at about 8:30 am when the man was trying to remove the tree from course..
6.5.09 11:28


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